Create Love… Daily

An introduction attempt


I’m obsessed with TEDtalks. I heard one once, I can’t recall who was speaking or where it was, in which the speaker spoke about love as an action. One of the things I believe to be true. The way she said it though- you have to create the love you want. You have to co-create a relationship with your partner. This involves communication and negotiation and give/take and lose/win. This involves looking within yourself and knowing what you want.

I love that.

That’s exactly what I want my relationships to look like- co-created works of art.

I start with self-love. Obviously, there isn’t a lot of co-creating going on with the art of self love, just creation. What I’m working on though is making it pure and only for me. It’s my life, my love for myself, I really don’t care if you agree or not. If you support me, cool, stick around and maybe we can create something together. If not, bye. I wish you well.

I’m not sure what this blog is going to look like yet. Very spiritual, very psychological, very fitness oriented, very foodies, very me.

Hi, I’m Kaylin. I’m an MFT intern in Orange County, California.

Create with me. ❤



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